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FreeNet Radio is an online station FREE to play the music we want to, and not restricted to promoting certain tracks or artists under corporate instruction (hence the name). The station runs a 24/7 format that can be interupted at anytime by resident or guest DJ/Presenters. Each presenter can and will play pretty much anything they like and as so this ads a great dynamic to the station. If you want to know more about becoming a resident or guest presenter, you can Contact us to find out more.


FreeNet Radio is an online only, hobby station created with a passion for music and radio. 



Just press play below to tune in And dont forget to adjust the volume first!

With access to a huge library of brand new under the radar, unsigned artists and bands from all over the world, we bring you every hour, something new and most likely not being played on commercial stations. 

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FreeNet Radio play todays best music and more, from the 80's onward with the odd golden oldie thrown in. Also check out the Player/Request page to influence the station playlists.

Are you a budding presenter wanting to hone your skills, or a seasoned pro wanting to do their own thing, use the contact us page to find out more about becoming an on air volunteer.

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