Want to be on air?

Freenet Radio is looking for volunteer Presenters and DJ's to come and produce their own show on our station. Are you a budding hobby broadcaster, have an idea for a show, want a platform to put the world to rights, or play the music you love to the world. Even if you are a seasoned broadcaster wanting a place to come and freely produce your own work in the public domain without so many rules and regulations about what you can say and cant play, then FreeNet Radio could be the place for you!

Royalties are taken care of by SOCAN and our stream provider so you dont have to worry about submitting track lists etc, and with no constraints you can pretty much play whatever you like. A good guide is, if you can download it from ITunes, its ok to play on FreeNet Radio!

You would of course need a suitable computer, broadband connection and some software to connect to our stream to put out your show. There are various options available, from free basic players to full on station ready programs like Sam Broadcaster for eg. We can help point you in the right direction and give you guidence getting setting up ready to go on air should you need it.

How much time you spend actually on air would be pretty much upto yourself. With the exception of making it fair for everyone to have their airtime, when the station is running on the auto DJ system, as long as it does not interfere with a prebooked or regular show, you can jump in! Obviously give priority to presenters who are booked in to their regular shows, and check the schedule before you go on air to ensure you are not taking over someone elses slot.

So, your still here? Then what are you waiting for?



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